The internship is a partnership between the RAPIL program and the School District.File RAPIL/School District Agreement

Frequently asked questions regarding School District and RAPIL roles:

  • The employment contract is an agreement between the district and the intern; RAPIL is not a party to that contract.
  • RAPIL’s Intern Seminar is graded on the quality of their participation in the course, not on the performance as teachers in the classroom.
  • Districts may move to terminate an intern's contract, using the same procedures as for any first-year probationary teacher.
  • If a district decides to keep an intern who RAPIL believes is not doing well, RAPIL will work with the intern to try to improve performance.
  • Teacher interns are dependent upon RAPIL for a recommendation for initial licensure at the completion of their program. If RAPIL is not satisfied with the intern's performance, as reflected and supported by observations, conferences and/or grades, RAPIL is not required to recommend the intern for licensure.
  • Interns may appeal contractual decisions through the district appeals procedures.
  • Interns may appeal program decisions through the RAPIL appeals procedures