Is the Regents Alternative Pathway for Iowa Licensure (RAPIL) only for secondary teaching?

Yes. We recommend for licensure in grades 5-12.

Is the program for shortage areas only?

No - however, RAPIL was designed to help meet the needs of school districts. Thus, meeting the requirements for an endorsement in a shortage area will provide more opportunities for internships. Current shortage areas are: Industrial Technology, Family and Consumer Science, Agriculture, Physics, Earth Science, All Science, Business, Mathematics, All Social Studies, and all World Languages. Some districts may have a shortage of secondary teacher candidates in other content areas.

Do I have to plan to teach in the same area as my bachelor’s degree?

Not according to the letter of the law. However, the spirit of the law is to bring experienced professional knowledge to Iowa's classrooms. Having a baccalaureate degree and work experience in the area in which you wish to teach will favor your selection.

Further, if you wish to teach in an area outside your degree, completing the necessary coursework for the endorsements may more time. If you require more than 9 credit hours of coursework to complete your main endorsement area, your admission will be delayed. Finally, you are more likely to secure an internship in your area of work experience and degree.  

What are the secondary endorsements?

An endorsement is the subject area in which you will be licensed to teach. A list of secondary endorsements RAPIL recommends for licensure in can be found under Prospective Students > Endorsement Checklists.

How do I know what courses I will need to complete the endorsement?

You can complete a self-analysis by downloading and endorsement worksheet for the area(s) you are interested in. Go to Prospective Students > Endorsements Checklists and click on the link for the subject area you wish to teach. Use transcripts from your previously completed coursework to fill courses you feel meet the specified requirements.

The official endorsement analysis process is conducted by the University of Iowa and a requirement of the application process. Complete and submit an application (steps can be found under Apply) to upload your transcripts for review. Upon review of your transcript, the Academic Coordinator will email you a letter detailing precisely which additional courses you will need to complete the endorsement(s) you wish to teach.

What is the timeline for coursework and the internship? 

The minimum time to complete both the coursework and internship is two years. Specific details can be found under RAPIL Timeline.

How do I enroll in this program?

The first step is to complete the online application and upload all required materials.

Acceptance into the program is not automatic upon the receipt of the application elements. A selection committee will review your materials and decide whether you have met the requirements to advance to the next step, which is an invitation to interview.

In granting admission to the Regents Alternative Pathway to Iowa Licensure, consideration is given to the scholarship, character, dispositions, and leadership potential of the applicant.

What is the cost of this program?

Costs are based on the University of Iowa's undergraduate tuition fee because UIowa is responsible for course registration, course transcripts, and delivery of the online instruction. Costs change in accordance with changes in university tuition and state license fees.

The total estimated cost of the program is approximately $14,327, which includes tuition, technology fees, supervision fees, and miscellaneous fees for requirements such as the cost licenses and background checks. All costs are subject to change and should be considered as an estimate.

These estimates do NOT include costs for acquiring the endorsement, texts, materials, and travel expenses for face-to-face course hours.

What if I am lacking one of the application requirements?

No exceptions are given for:

  • Bachelor’s degree must be from a regionally accredited institution.
  • Must meet 75% of the requirements for endorsement in one area.

The RAPIL Governance Team will consider appeals for:

  • 2.75 GPA
  • Three-years of post-baccalaureate work experience

Can my previous coursework in another teacher preparation program be transferred into this one?

No. The RAPIL has been designed to provide a threaded, highly-articulated program of experiences. There are no discreet courses dedicated to particular topics that can be transferred into this program, nor will these courses transfer to another program.

Please note: RAPIL will not consider applications from those who have recently been unsuccessful in licensure coursework, including methods.

Will any of my previous teaching time in a classroom in secondary schools count toward field requirements?

No. Field experiences are imbedded into several of the RAPIL courses and must be completed as part of the coursework. 

Do I need to have a minor for the RAPIL?

No. However, you may add endorsements to your license, making you more marketable to districts.

Is the internship based on the school with the biggest needs?

No. You may apply to any school of interest that has an opening in your endorsement area.

What if I cannot find a district in which to do an internship?

RAPIL requires an internship in order to complete the program. You may defer the program for up to five years between completing the initial coursework and completing the internship.

Candidates who defer are responsible for any necessary program adjustments and must meet current Iowa licensure requirements upon completion of the program to be recommended for teacher licensure. 

Where do I get my content area endorsements fulfilled?

You may complete coursework at any accredited institution you choose. Official transcripts must be submitted to the RAPIL Licensure Team.

How will I know which Regent institution is teaching which courses?

You won't. This collaborative is set up so that all course design, instruction, evaluation, and recommendations are shared among the three institutions. Rather than taking courses from each institution, candidates will be taking courses from RAPIL.

Since this is a collaborative, which institution’s name will be on my transcript for these courses?

The University of Iowa. The University of Iowa handles all registrations, transcripts, and grades.