Loan-based financial aid is available by working with the University of Iowa Financial Aid department following admission to the program.


There are currently two scholarships available to candidates in the RAPIL program:

  • The Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council RAPIL scholarship is offered for candidates/interns with endorsements in STEM fields.
  • The Called to Teach Scholarship is awarded by the program and available for non-STEM endorsement areas.

Iowa Workforce Grant & Incentive Program

This program provides up to $2,000 in grant funding per semester for students enrolled full-time in eligible undergraduate programs at an eligible school. Students enrolled part-time can qualify for prorated award amounts.

The University of Iowa is an eligible school, and RAPIL is an eligible program.

REQUIRES a FAFSA form to be completed and filed by May 1, 2024

Program Website -

Loan Repayment Grant (after program completion)

RAPIL candidates in shortage areas may be eligible for the Teach Iowa Scholar Program (loan repayment) following successful completion of the RAPIL internship.