A RAPIL Intern instructs a lesson
Iowa BoEE - Teacher Intern License

  • One year, non-renewable
  • Full teaching instruction within grade levels and endorsement listed on the license
  • not eligible for conditional licensure

RAPIL Candidates are eligible for recommendation for a Teacher Intern License:

  1. Following successful completion of initial RAPIL coursework
  2. With documentation for the completion of 50 hours of Field Experience that include favorable recommendations from both the RAPIL Evaluator and the Cooperating Teachers
  3. All documentation for the completion of at least one endorsement has be received and verified by RAPIL
  4. After the Candidate has been offered an IAC 279 contract that meets the Internship conditions

Iowa BoEE - Initial Teaching License

  • The RAPIL Internship is applied as the first year of the Initial License.
  • RAPIL interns recommended for Initial Licensure will be considered second year teachers and eligible for recommendation for the Standard Teaching License following a second successful year of instruction.

RAPIL Interns are eligible for recommendation for an Initial Teaching License:

  1. Following one year of successful instruction documented with favorable evaluations from the building Principal and the RAPIL Evaluator
  2. Completion of all RAPIL coursework - meeting or exceeding the program grade policy
  3. Documented completion of Dyslexia Training.