*effective August 1, 2021

Application Deadline - May 1

Plan Ahead - some steps may take several weeks to complete.

Submit everything by the deadline - Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Application Materials Checklist

  1. Transcripts
    • Order official copies of transcripts from all institutions attended
    • You will scan and upload the transcripts into the online application
  1. Three Recommendations
    • Ask each recommendation writer to complete the FileRAPIL Recommendation Form
    • You will scan and upload any recommendation forms that are returned to you – and we strongly encourage you to request the writer send to form back to you.
    • The recommendation writer may choose to send the form directly to Amy Mayer – instructions included on the form.
  2. Resume
    • Detail paid and/or volunteer work experience
  3. Personal Statement
    • 500 word limit
    • Express your interest in pursuing a career in education at this point in your life
  4. Endorsement Self-Analysis
    • Review Step 2 of the application process below
    • Complete and upload your Endorsement Self-Analysis form(s) onto Tk20
    • You may upload more than one Endorsement Self-Analysis

*All files should be in doc, docx, or pdf format to upload

Step 1 - Apply online through Tk20

To complete your application through Tk20, follow the directions below - Google Chrome is recommended.

  1. Type uiowa.tk20.com into your web browser (no “http” or “www” needed)
  2. DO NOT enter “username” and “password” the first time log in
    • Instead, click on “Admissions” at the bottom
    • Then, click on “Click here to create your account” at the very bottom
  3. Provide the required information in “Create Applicant Account”
    • Create a username and password
    • Click submit
  4. On the menu on the left, click on “Applications”
  5. From the drop-down menu at the top of the page, select the appropriate application and click “Next”
  6. Complete the application
  7. DO NOT Submit until ALL materials are uploaded
    • You can NOT upload items after you Submit
    • Incomplete applications will not be considered

DO NOT SUBMIT until COMPLETE - You can SAVE and return to the application!

This includes uploading (doc, docx, or pdf format):

  • ALL transcripts
  • Three Recommendations
  • Resume
  • Personal Statement
  • Endorsement Self-Analysis Form(s)

To Submit a COMPLETE application:

Click the green SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form

  • You can NOT make any changes once you SUBMIT
  • Incomplete Applications will not be considered

Step 2 - Endorsement Analysis

STOP - have you uploaded your transcripts on Tk20?

  • No - go back and upload your transcripts
  • Yes - continue

Endorsements on a teaching license indicate which subject areas and grade levels you are qualified to teach.

To begin the Endorsement Evaluation process:

  1. Download the form for the specific content endorsement(s) you wish to have reviewed from the endorsement list.
  2. Use the form to complete a self-analysis by filling in coursework you have completed that you feel meets the requirements for the endorsement(s) you have chosen.
  3. Upload your self-analysis into the Tk20 online application.
  • • An official Endorsement Analysis will then be completed by the RAPIL Licensure Analyst, and a letter will be sent to you with details of your completed endorsements or additional coursework that will be required. The self-analysis MUST be uploaded in Tk20. Without this analysis your application is incomplete.