*effective : 01/16/24

Application Deadline - May 1

Plan Ahead - some steps may take several weeks to complete.

Submit everything by the deadline - Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Application Materials Checklist

  1. Transcripts
    • Order official copies of transcripts from all institutions attended - including Community Colleges if applicable
    • You upload the transcripts into Tk20 if they are digital. You will scan and upload paper copies.
  1. Three Recommendations
    • Ask each recommendation writer to complete the PDF icon RAPIL recommendation form.
    • You will scan and upload any recommendation forms that are returned to you.
    • The recommendation writer may choose to send the form directly to Amy Mayer – instructions are included on the form.
  2. Resume
    • Detail paid and/or volunteer work experience
  3. Personal Statement
    • 500 word limit
    • Explain why you are interested in making a career change to become a teacher at this point in your life.
  4. Endorsement Self-Analysis
    • Review Step 2 of the application process below
    • Complete and upload your Endorsement Self-Analysis form(s) onto Tk20
    • You may upload more than one form in this section

*All files should be in doc, docx, or pdf format to upload

Applicants are encouraged to file a FAFSA by May 1st to be considered for the Iowa Workforce Grant. https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa

Step 1 - Apply online through Tk20

To complete your application through Tk20, follow the directions below - Google Chrome is recommended.

  1. Type uiowa.tk20.com into your web browser (no “http” or “www” needed)
  2. DO NOT enter “username” and “password” the first time log in
    • Instead, click on “Admissions” at the bottom
    • Then, click on “Click here to create your account” at the very bottom
  3. Provide the required information in “Create Applicant Account”
    • Create a username and password
    • Click submit
  4. On the menu on the left, click on “Applications”
  5. From the drop-down menu at the top of the page, select the appropriate application and click “Next”
  6. Complete the application by providing all data requested, and uploading all documents.
  7. DO NOT Submit until ALL materials are uploaded
    • You can NOT upload items after you Submit
    • Incomplete applications will not be considered

Step 2 - Endorsement Analysis

Endorsements on a teaching license indicate which subject areas and grade levels you are qualified to teach.

  1. Download the form for the specific content endorsement(s) you wish to have reviewed from the endorsement checklist page on the Prospective Students tab of the RAPIL website.
  2. Use the form to complete your own self-analysis by filling in coursework you have completed that you feel meets the requirements for the endorsement(s) you have chosen.
  3. Upload your self-analysis into the Tk20 online application. 

An official Endorsement Analysis will then be completed by the RAPIL Licensure Analyst, and a letter will be sent to you with details of your completed endorsements or additional coursework that will be required.

Step 3 - Submit Your Application

DO NOT SUBMIT until COMPLETE - You can SAVE and return to the application!

This includes uploading (doc, docx, or pdf format):

  • ALL transcripts
  • Three Recommendations
  • Resume
  • Personal Statement
  • Endorsement Self-Analysis Form(s)

To Submit a COMPLETE application:
Click the green SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form

  • You can NOT make any changes once you SUBMIT
  • Incomplete Applications will not be considered