All field placements (pre-internship and internship,  must be obtained by the candidate.

Pre-Internship Field Experiences

  1. Location of experiences can be in any Iowa 7-12 classrooms in the endorsement area. Having a variety of experiences will expand one’s understanding of teaching, yet having consistency in schools also has its benefits. 
  2. Once applicants are fully admitted to RAPIL, they will be provided with letters of introduction that identify the candidate as fully admitted to the RAPIL.
  3. The “Letter of Introduction” explains the field experience and requires the signature of the building principal.
  4. The “Letter of Introduction” is specific to the field experience and states the requirements of the candidate and how the host teacher can assist the candidate.
  5. Candidates should begin the search for field placements at the district's human resources office. (NOTE: Candidates wishing to complete more than 5 hours of fieldwork/day in the PDF icon Cedar Rapids Schools must complete and file an application found on "ICON Program." Attach a copy of the appropriate "Letter of Introduction" to distinguish your request from traditional programs. Also, if you have an informal agreement with a teacher or principal to work in their school, state that on the application form.)


There are several web sites that list openings in Iowa schools. These listings are very fluid and time-sensitive. What should you do?

  1. Spend time on the jobs-related web sites such as:
  2. Personally contact the district's human resources office before approaching principals.
  3. Register to have districts contact you:
  4. Post your own information:
  5. Begin building a positive and supportive relationship with schools in the geographic area in which you hope to teach. Make yourself known as an asset to the school community.
  6. You may wish to try to complete your pre-internship field experience hours in the district you hope to teach in so that your attributes become more noticed.